Client Highlight: Chicago Santa!

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Ho Ho Ho! We here at Region Insurance Group must have been on the good list, because we've gained the one and only Santa Claus as a client! Mike Hickey and his wife Nijole have been in the business of bringing Christmas joy to Chicago and Northwest Indiana for over 3 decades! From small family gatherings to corporate holiday events, Mr. and Mrs. Claus will make appearances and don their suits that were specially tailored in the North Pole, sing holiday carols with music provided by their North Pole boom box, and of course meet with children, naughty or nice! Learn more about Santa in our EXCLUSIVE interview below!

✦ How/why did you get into the Santa business?
I started when I was 17 yrs old... I played football in HS and the football coach lived 7 blocks away from my house. He asked me to play Santa for him & his family since his kids were getting smart and figuring out that Santa was really Daddy. He gave me his suit and I came over and sat with his kids & family on Christmas Eve and had a fun time doing so. The next week or so his wife said she would pay me $35.00 to be Santa at her sorority. I had a lot of fun performing as Santa and I learned that people would pay me to be Santa! That was my AH-HAA moment... I could make money having fun dressed up as Santa Clause. The rest, as they say, is history... I have now been performing as Santa Clause for over 35 years. 

✦ How did you meet Mrs. Clause?    
I met my wife who is Mrs. Clause in 1996 and we have been performing together since we were married in 1998.

✦ What's the best or funniest gift request you've ever received?
 Women that want boyfriends that don't cheat!

✦ Has anyone ever pulled you beard?
Kids & especially babies will inevitably pull on the beard, but I have learned to make sure that the beard is secure to my face.

✦ What's your favorite Christmas song?
My favorite Christmas song is Gene Autry's version of "Here Comes Santa Claus". You can't help being in a happy mood after listening to this classic Christmas Song.

✦What's your favorite Christmas cookie?
My favorite Christmas Cookie is Peanut Butter Nut Cluster Cookies... I am always looking for ways to increase my intake of protein 'cause there is a fairly high amount of protein in peanuts. HO HO HO!!!