A Crazy Idea

Back in the days when cars were new, one man had a crazy idea. H.O. Hirt wanted to found an insurance company for the millions of new motorists flooding the roadways. But Mr. Hirt didn’t want to create just another company—he wanted an insurance company that would go above and beyond for its customers, one that did everything in its power to protect the people who trusted them.

In 1925, Erie Insurance was born. From the first day, H.O. Hirt ran his company on principles of honesty, decency, service, and old-fashioned common sense. Crazy, right?

But it worked. Today, Erie Insurance covers more than 4 million Americans in 11 states and the REGION Insurance Group (RiG) represents them as one of their insurance carriers. While the cars we insure have changed since 1925, our principles haven’t. We work every day to be “Above All in Service,” and to be worthy of the trust our clients put in us. We hope that you’ll give us a chance to talk to you about how ERIE can help you get the insurance coverage that’s best for you. We promise to give you the same old-fashioned service that our clients have been receiving for more than 85 years.

After all, we can’t let H.O. down.