Complex Claims Made Easy

When you have an Insurance Agent from the REGION Insurance Group (RiG) team, you know we'll make your experience as fast and easy as possible – whether your claim is simple or complex. 

A simple claim is usually one that doesn't involve physical injury, property damage, and only minor damage to your car. For instance, a chipped windshield or a tow after a car accident are most often simple insurance claims. Because they normally don't involve another person, they can often be settled over the phone or via e-mail.

A complex claim involves significant damage to your car, another vehicle or property, or bodily harm. These factors make the claims process slightly more complicated, but an experienced agent can always help make it a lot easier. You'll be assigned a claims adjuster who will help examine the extent of the damages, and we'll be there every step of the way.

Call the RiG team when you have a claim at 219-213-2306.  We can help make your claims experience easy as pie. 

-The RiG Team