Do Unto Others

It’s one of the first things that kids learn in preschool: “Now, don’t pull Jimmy’s hair. You wouldn’t like that if he did it to you, would you?” The Golden Rule is one of the simplest rules in the world, and at Erie Insurance, we think it’s pretty important.

A lot of companies have long, complicated mission statements talking about paradigms and synergy. Erie Insurance is a little different, though. When H.O. Hirt founded ERIE in 1925, he wanted a business that was based on “simple common sense, mixed with just plain decency.” That’s why our guiding principle is familiar: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

No need to complicate it or whitewash it: at ERIE, the Golden Rule is our guide. It’s easy to remember and even easier to apply. We’d all like to be treated with dignity, respect, honesty, and H.O. Hirt’s good old common sense.

After all, if kids in the sandbox can learn to treat each other well, why can’t your insurance company? Call the REGION Insurance Group (RiG) team today and we can provide you with a quote for your auto, home, business, and life insurance with Erie.

-The RiG Team