Your House, Your Rules

“One size fits all” is a pretty silly expression. What it really means is that one size fits everyone adequately, but doesn’t fit anyone perfectly. But some insurance companies just stamp out policies like cookie cutters. Sure, it’s okay for most people, but does it really fit your lifestyle, your risks or your needs?

With ErieSecure Home coverage, you can mix and match coverage to your heart’s content. Maybe you collect fine art and need to make sure it’s covered, or you want to protect yourself from earthquakes. Whatever your special circumstances, we’re here to listen, advise and make sure you get coverage that’s customized just for you.

ErieSecure Home doesn’t just give you the flexibility you need—it can save you money by helping you select the extra protection you need under the ErieSecure Home umbrella. So celebrate your individuality, and make sure you have the coverage that’s just the right fit for you. Call the REGION Insurance Group (RiG) team today at 219-213-2306 to find out more.

-The RiG Team