The unexpected happened... now what?

Navigating the claims process can be stressful and overwhelming. Whether you're at the scene of an accident or need to report a claim, we're more than happy to walk through the process with you when the unexpected happens. Give us a call at the office: 

(219) 213-2306

 If we're out of the office, you can call the claims department of your particular carrier, and they can help guide you through the process as well. Below is a list of the best numbers to call to report a claim or to request roadside assistance 24/7:




AAA 800-222-6424
EMC 888-362-2255
ERIE 800-367-3743
800-552-3743 (Glass Claims)
HAGERTY 800-922-4050, EXT 4
HANOVER 800-628-0250
HARTFORD 800-327-3636
NATIONWIDE 800-421-3535
PROGRESSIVE 800-274-4499 (Claims)
800-776-2778 (Roadside Assistance)
SAFECO 800-332-3226
STATE AUTO 800-288-4425
888-504-4527 (Glass Claims)
WEST BEND MUTUAL 877-922-5246